Campus Data on Private Loans

The database includes campus-by-campus data on the total student loan debt of graduating seniors. The numbers come from the Common Data Set, and are reported by the campuses to the various publishers of college guides. The instructions to campuses … Continue reading

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The Scary Side of Private Loans

Three disturbing stories about the rise of private student loans: When a borrower defaults on a federal loan, it affects the school’s overall default rate, which the federal government uses as an indicator of school quality. Willis Hulings, CEO of … Continue reading

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Economic Diversity in the News

“Working Class Students Feel the Pinch” in the Chronicle of Higher Education on June 9. This article is about how the financial aid formula can work against working-class students who work hard to pay for school. Here’s an excerpt until … Continue reading

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Fast Growth in Private Loans

Private student loans are not just an asterisk in the loan data anymore. And they’re not just for law and med students, either. According to our Project on Student Debt, the numbers in 2003-4 stood at: –5% of students in … Continue reading

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Another piece of the puzzle: enrollment management

The Education Writers Association just had their national conference in New Orleans. One of the sessions was called “How the Game is Played in Enrollment Management — is richer always better?” Panelists included Tally Hart, outgoing Director of Financial Aid … Continue reading

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Some campuses release additional economic diversity data

Another source of useful data on college students’ family income is the CIRP Freshman Survey, developed by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA. Each year, colleges across the country administer the CIRP survey to their incoming freshmen, asking … Continue reading

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New Basic Carnegie Classifications

The new Carnegie Classification system of higher education institutions is now in use on The new classifications were released in February 2006, and increased the total number of classifications from 18 to 33. Thirteen of these additions are for … Continue reading

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International students added

There is now a variable called “Fall Term International Students” for every school in the database. On institutional profiles, the variable is in the “Students” section under the heading “Total Undergraduate Enrollment.” International students are not eligible for federal Pell … Continue reading

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About this blog

This blog is a place to discuss issues related to the role of income in higher education and the Economic Diversity of Colleges database. The database is the first publicly-available source of college-level information on student income, race and ethnicity, … Continue reading

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